Rachael Specialises In:


Brain Injury
Long Term Neurolgical Conditions
Pallative Care

Aids and Equipment

Brain Injury
Long Term Neurolgical Conditions
Pallative Care


Brain Injury
Long Term Neurolgical Conditions
Pallative Care

Occupational Therapy

Brain Injury
Long Term Neurolgical Conditions
Pallative Care

Rachael Flynn

Occupational Therapist Expert Witness



Claimant/Defendant Split %


Rachael is a highly experienced occupational therapist, her specialist areas of experience include complex neurological conditions across the lifespan (acute and long term), complex/challenging case management, neurological rehabilitation, cognition, the Mental Capacity Act, and palliative/end of life care.

Following her valuable NHS experiences in acute stroke, palliative care, ITU, trauma, and community rehabilitation, Rachael then spent three years working with adults and children within social services. During this time, her work was largely focussed on the assessment, case management and rehabilitation of clients with complex needs and long-term neurological conditions.

Rachael is a holistic, passionate occupational therapist who has a wealth of experience in carrying out functional and cognitive assessments and has in-depth working knowledge of the mental capacity act and best interest legislation. She is adept at report writing and is able to produce robust, evidence-based reports that have been used in CHC assessments, second opinion cases, complaint cases and when working collaboratively with a range of multi-disciplinary professionals. She is competent in her assessment of short and long-term care needs and is able to work collaboratively with care agencies to ensure clients are given the right support.

Rachael has a solid understanding of the Disabled Funding Grant (DFG) and has been part of multiple large-scale builds for adults and children to ensure their long-term needs are met. Rachael also has in-depth experience of sourcing specialist equipment for children and adults.

Rachael is dedicated to ongoing professional development and is currently completing her Masters in Principles of Clinical Neuropsychology. This course has strengthened her understanding of neuropsychological disorders (acute and long term) across the lifespan and their basis in neuroanatomy, genetics, neuropathology and their impacts on individuals and their families. In addition to this, a core part of this course has been focussed on assessment and rehabilitation of a wide range of neuropsychological conditions in adults and children.

Prior to qualifying as an occupational therapist, Rachael worked as a therapy assistant in brain injury rehabilitation and is confident working in emotive and challenging environments.

Racheal works for Jane James & Associates as an independent expert witness taking instructions from both Claimants and Defendants for full care reports, aids and equipment reports/occupational therapy reports.

Rachael is a member of:

  • Royal College of Occupational Therapists, with specialist interest links to neurological practice, palliative care, and independent practice.
  • Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).


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