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We are continually looking for experienced professionals who either have previous experience or are new to becoming Care Experts. If you are a nurse, midwife, occupational therapist or physiotherapist and you have been working clinically for more than 10 years, and you are highly experienced and knowledgeable in your area of expertise, please get in touch. We are particularly interested if you have direct experience in care needs assessments and the challenges facing care and case managers setting up packages in the community.

The role of an expert witness

Your specialist knowledge and professional attributes could be just what is required to assist the Court providing robust and evidence based reports in all areas of expert witness care reporting.

It will involve visiting and assessing the Claimant in order to provide a care report to guide solicitors in relation to each case and thereafter dealing with any subsequent work relating to the case.

You are bound by Civil Procedures Rules 35  (CPR35) and Practice Direction (PD35) and you should ensure you are familiar with these.

If you would like to find out more about the roles or you believe you have what it takes to become an expert witness please send us your CV and covering letter to

Our Values are simple:

‘To deliver outstanding Medico-Legal reports from people who care’