Meet Carlie Whittle

Meet Carlie Whittle the latest Occupational Therapy Expert Witness to join the JJ&A Team.

After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist in 2000, Carlie embarked upon a rotational 12-month hospital post, gaining valuable foundational in-patient experience within the clinical specialities of acute psychiatry and care of older adults.

After a year, Carlie, who hails from northeast Lancashire, was curious to know what the role of an occupational therapist was like ‘down under’ as she was drawn to the Antipodean lifestyle. So, she decided to head to the other side of the world to find out.


Arriving in New Zealand in 2001 (and after first acquainting herself with the country) Carlie began her first post within forensic mental health (in-patient), rehabilitation and older adult psychiatry in Wellington, New Zealand. Carlie held this post for two years and it provided her with valuable experience in a wide range of mental health conditions with adults and older adults.

New Zealand was relaxed and laid back; and Carlie loved living and working in and around Wellington and being immersed in the local culture - even though some of the outlying communities were quite isolated! As Carlie recalls, 

“Wellington has an amazing coastline and my commute to work and to visit patients often took me along the ocean road where I regularly saw pods of dolphins in the harbour. Not many people are lucky enough to have a commute to work like that!”

After working in New Zealand for five years, Carlie moved with her partner to Australia in 2007 where she worked in a private rehabilitation hospital in Sydney. This role was part managerial and clinical and included, managing a team alongside a rehabilitation caseload.

In 2008, Carlie returned to Wellington, New Zealand to work in a ward-based general hospital inpatient rehabilitation unit. After two years, she moved into the community team assessing people and environments and working with amputees and patients with neurological, and orthopaedic needs using a variety of equipment and aids.

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After Carlie’s first child was born in 2015, it felt like the right time to return to the UK to be closer to family and friends. So, in 2016, after fourteen years of travelling and working in New Zealand and Australia, Carlie and her family finally returned home. Her second son was born later that year and soon after his arrival, Carlie completed a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. All-in-all, a busy year!

In 2017 with two small sons to look after, Carlie joined the OT Practice as an independent occupational therapist, where she still practices today. As Carlie says, 

“A friend recommended I join the OT Practice and it was a fantastic move for me as I can work around the kids. My roles as an Occupational Therapist and Clinical Lead are incredibly varied and include, quality assurance, education, supporting other therapists and proofreading reports.”

Since 2017, Carlie’s work has largely focused on the treatment and rehabilitation of clients with orthopaedic trauma and neurological conditions, supporting them with returning to important life roles, vocations and occupations. She has worked as a Clinical Team Leader since 2019, supporting occupational therapists in their clinical work and with quality assurance.

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Carlie’s desire to become an expert witness stemmed from her strong desire to learn and her love for a challenge. As Carlie says,

“I’ve always been interested in expert witness work and finding additional ways to use my extensive experience Joining JJ&A felt like the next logical step in my career."



Carlie loves spending time outdoors with her two boys, her husband and her two rescue dogs. They are also renovating their house so there's very little time for sitting down or staying still at home! 

Carlie loves to travel and since returning from New Zealand, she has rediscovered England and gained a fresh and new appreciation for her home country. Carlie and her family also enjoy visiting Europe, particularly France. Carlie’s favourite pastimes nearly always involve going on trips and adventures, whether at home or abroad!

As for Carlie’s passion for learning, it has not stopped as she is currently learning French and quite fancies doing a PhD or further study in the future!


Carlie is a highly skilled Occupational Therapist, qualified for over twenty years. She has worked in public and private sectors, managing older adult care and adult client rehabilitation in inpatient and community settings. Her work has also focused on the treatment and rehabilitation of clients with orthopaedic trauma and neurological conditions, supporting them in returning to important life roles, vocations and occupations.

Carlie works for Jane James & Associates as an independent Expert Witness, taking instructions from both Claimant and Defendant solicitors for care reports, aids and equipment reports and occupational therapy reports. She is also a member of the Health Care Professionals Council and The Royal College of Occupational Therapists.